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People Want to Help. Tell Them HOW!

Navigating through this loud, busy, and chaotic world can be overwhelming. Loud music playing at a restaurant, bright light from a window at a doctor's office, waiting at the DMV with fifty people talking all around you can overwhelm the sensory system making daily life feel impossible. While working with a trained therapist is always the best way to overcome these challenges, there are steps you can take for yourself to modify these situations making these tasks more manageable.

This process starts with identifying the challenges that you have. Do loud noises, bright lights, or people walking up behind you overwhelm you? Many of these challenges could be less overwhelming with some small accommodations. You can ask to sit in the corner of the restaurant with your back to a wall, ask for the window shades to be closed, and/or temporarily use noise cancelling headphones to navigate that situation. We only identify the challenges you have so that we can identify situational solutions that allow you to accomplish needed tasks!

Our friends at Galaxy Brain and Therapy Center have created a wonderful self-advocacy tool to help you to identify your challenges and communicate your needs! Use this tool to educate friends, family, employers, and businesses how they can help empower you. People want to help. They just need to be told how!

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