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Communication Cards

What do you do if you have to be out and about in the world, but you sometimes get overwhelmed and are unable to advocate or communicate clearly for yourself?! You can create a communication card! This postcard-sized document can express your challenges and how people can help you.

What should be included on the communication card:

  • Name (optional)

  • Address (optional but helpful if you need someone to help you get home)

  • Problems that you might have in public

  • Ways that you can be helped

  • Emergency contacts

Once you have created this card, you can print off copies and keep them in your car, bag, purse, or anything else you carry when you are out and about. If you need more accessible access to your communication card, consider getting a passport pouch with a lanyard!

View our sample communication card:

Sample communication Card
Download PDF • 1.23MB

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